Born: approximately 350 ASM

24 years old. Long, slightly curly dark brown hair, fair skin, dark brown eyes. Petite, though feminine, build. She believes she was born with a malformed knee-joint, (the articular cartilage of her left knee did not form properly when she was in utero), which gives her a slight limp and makes overmuch physical exertion very strenuous, if not impossible. No Starwatch mage has been able to help her, but there is a mage in Whitewater rumored to be a phenomenal healer.

Subsequently, Kali spends much of her life indoors or being sedentary. She is unable to run more than a sprint, and walking for long periods causes pain in her knee. Because of this, she is an avid reader, particularly of histories and nature treatises, though she enjoys adventure stories as well. She plays the viol. 

Wry, often inappropriate humor. Favors sarcasm. Talks excessively when nervous. Kind and compassionate, often to a fault. 

Has a tendency to miss the forest for looking at the trees; gets easily tied up in minutiae and misses the bigger picture. Runs (or tries to escape) her problems. Often acts without thinking. Impulsive. Inquisitive, enjoys learning new perspectives and thoughts. Gradually starts to question more about mages' magic, eg: where it came from, how it works, can it change? At first, she views magic as almost perfunctory and normal; it's just an accepted part of her life.  As the story progresses, her attitude about magic changes. It becomes more about “what can I achieve?” She does not often think “should I do this?”