24 years old; dark brown hair, light brown eyes, brown skin, showing he hails from the southern province of Indigo-By-the-Sea; scar on left hip from accident when his half-brother Drake was killed three years ago.

As a sentinel, Stonewall is trained in various forms of combat, armed and unarmed. Like all of the sentinels, he wields a sword, though he prefers to fight with a pair of ketar daggers that he wears at his sides. He can also use a crossbow, but does not care for it. He's also trained in survival skills, woodcraft, basic healing, (stitches, herbcraft, etc), as are all sentinels. Additionally, he has been ingesting hematite that all sentinels eat to prevent magic from being worked upon him, as well as increasing his strength, speed and agility, and allowing his body to heal faster.

Stonewall is not the name he was given as a baby; he chose that name for himself when he joined the sentinels. (Rather, his half-brother Drake chose it for him; Drake's birth-name is: Bahar.) Stonewall's birth name is Elan. He was born in Indigo-By-the-Sea, in the coastal city of Pillau, the second-youngest of four children; Drake was the eldest, then Bita (a girl), Elan (Stonewall) and Omri (boy). Their mother was Nimah. Drake and Bita had the same dad; Stonewall & Omri each had a different father. Nimah, Bita (6 years) & Omri (5 months) passed away during an outbreak of fell-fever when Elan was four. He and Drake stuck together and lived as best they could on the city streets, where Drake, (then 7 or 8), took care of his younger brother and himself until about four years later, when they were rescued by the Circle and brought to the sentinel garrison to be trained. (When Drake & Stonewall were about 12 & 9, respectively)

Street life was difficult for two young children, but the brothers eventually found their way into the sentinel order. Stonewall took to all aspects of sentinel life; he loved the camaraderie among the others, and he was talented at sword & dagger-play. He is a skilled fighter with good instincts, and the discipline of the life appealed to him after a lifetime of chaos and uncertainty.